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Muslims for Social Justice Core Principles:

1) MSJ is dedicated to social justice and human rights for all.

2) We will prioritize fighting racism, white supremacy and sexism within as well as beyond the Muslim community.

3) MSJ will work closely on anti-colonial, anti-Islamophobia, Black Liberation movements, international issues and progressive social movements. MSJ will connect global liberation movements, like Palestine Liberation Movement, with Black Liberation Movement.

4) MSJ believes that organizing people on the grassroots, rather than charity or mere electoral/legal avenues, will change the balance of power to bring the necessary progressive change.

5) MSJ will build power and change the balance of power by centering the leadership and self-determination of marginalized Muslims, and approaching our organizing through an intersectional lens.



    • MSJ was founded in North Carolina in 2013 to offer liberation theology perspective in Islam. Key founding members included Saladin Muhammad (Black Workers for Justice), Shafeah M’Balia (Black Workers for Justice) and Manzoor Cheema (human rights activists).

  • MSJ believes in a liberation movement to change the balance of power in favor of the oppressed. Since its inception, MSJ has organized within the Muslim community and forged deeper ties between members of the immigrant and African American communities.
  • Muslims for Social Justice highlighted the rise in Islamophobia in North Carolina and was quoted in the media around the world in the wake of Chapel Hill shooting that killed three Muslim students. MSJ organized a network of Triangle organizations in the wake of Chapel Hill tragedy to fight Islamophobia and racism. This network, called Movement to End Racism and Islamophobia (MERINC.org), has nine North Carolina-based member organizations and organized multiple forums against Islamophobia and racism.
  • MSJ members have actively worked against anti-black racism and participated in Black Lives Matter actions. Members of have also participated in and spoken at Moral Monday Movement, HKonJ rallies, worker rights rallies and actions against environmental racism. MSJ founding member, Manzoor Cheema, was awarded 2014 International Human Rights Award by The Human Rights Coalition of North Carolina and featured as “Tar Heel of the Week” by The News and Observer on February 21, 2015.


8 thoughts on “About MSJ

  1. I am a member of The Chapel of the Cross, an Episcopal parish in downtown Chapel Hill.ion.  For several months, I have been in a group discussing our parish’s efforts to expand our knowledge particularly about Islam but, more importantly, in efforts towards building relationships among people of different faith traditions within our community.  

    Over the years, our parish has had several educational programs on the Abrahamic faiths both hosting speakers and using printed resources.  One member of the group attended an event in February in Raleigh sponsored by Sicha which brought people of the three Abrahamic faiths together for reflection and discussion.  We hope to find similar ways to bring people together for reflection and discussion and begin to build bridges of understanding.  

    We hope there may be members of your community who  will be interested in joining in this effort or some similar efforts.   And it would be most helpful if you could direct us to others in the Muslim faith who may be interested in such a joint effort.

    I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

    Gretchen S. Jordan

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  3. I am chair of Pullen MBC’s Sanctuary Advocacy Committee. I am putting together a press release list of interested advocacy orgs and your name came up. Can I get the name of a contact person, phone number and email to include on the list so you will get any communications about our efforts to provide Sanctuary to people at risk of unjust deportation? Thanks….

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